2024 Community Banking Outlook

In October 2023, Torpago decided to evaluate the current mindset of community banking leaders about 2024. To explore this topic, we conducted an anonymous online survey with 100 community banks and their leaders spread across the United States. 

In this eBook, find out how community bank leaders responded to questions such as:

  • What kind of fintech partners are you considering? 
  • What are the key items you are evaluating fintech partners on?
  • What elements of the customer experience are you focusing on?
  • How are you looking to enhance the customer experience? 
  • Are you focused on modernizing your infrastructure in the next year?
  • What are the key focuses for modernizing? 

Download now to learn how community banking leaders were in agreement that focuses for 2024 included leveraging fintech partners, enhancing their program offerings, and improving customer experience!

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